Fly Away

575454_10152828819485577_299533329_nAll she wanted to do was fly far away from the overly crowded town off the coast. She wanted fame and fortune, to travel the world and drink the finest wines that could be offered. And yet, all she could do was swing on her dark chestnut swing in the midst of summer. At the highest heat wave of the afternoon, sun-bleached hair kissed her shoulders as she reached the dying grass below her. Her toes touched the blades as she encountered the Earth below her and as she then continued to push off with.


As the sun began to lower in the sky, a young gentleman parted the grass in a small open field, with his footsteps. A chiseled jaw with anatomy to match, slowly stepped and listened to the creatures of the night. He felt invincible – not only the alpha dog in the town, but a scholar as well. He could not imagine being anywhere else, but the beautiful lining of the coast.

People tend to cross paths when it is least expected. She was a free spirit who hated being so trapped and he was a conservative politician who thrived on speaking for the generation. Neither she, nor he, could imagine crossing paths with an individual so contrast of whom they daily interacted with.
805_10152828820035577_374105046_nShe stood out from the rest of the girls protesting – ‘fur is murder’, her sign read – she spoke clearly and loudly against all those she believed were against her. He, swayed in his stance, admiring the beauty before him. Eyes were locked, and lips began to curl upwards – this was a beginning for both she and him.
421186_10152828818725577_708558904_nThe young gentleman saw her on the swing, her hair flowing with the wind and her eyes connecting with his. He reminisces back to when he first saw her, shouting her stories, standing up for what was right – the day where his heart connected with hers. Even now, years later, the same feelings occur each time he steps on the lawn they now share, each evening after giving heart filled speeches. As the sky dims and they walk towards their porch with fingers interlocked, both he and she watched the sun becomes hazy and starts to fall with the night.



Photography by: Adam Guy

Written by: Chrissy Giovanna Whitver

Model: Whitney – Niche Models & Talent