Hawaiian born artist Willy Branlund, is as honest and natural as his photographs are.

Branlund has been in the game for over twenty years, and has mastered the ability to capture the strength of the human spirit.

“People are much more beautiful when they are just themselves,” he says.

Branlund’s photography exemplifies vast diversity, yet he has a unique proclivity in capturing truth, honesty and authenticity throughout his images.

Branlund’s work mirrors the words of Leonardo daVinci, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” as he tackles photography from a simplistic angle, capturing sheer poise and finesse.

Branlund kick started his career by being Art Director for Moving Sun Studios in Las Vegas, before being offered the opportunity to assist renowned photographer Gareth Atkins. This allowed Branlund to be more creative with his artistic talent, hence, leading to the establishment of Willy Branlund Studios, LLC.

For over a decade, Branlund has been working with a diversified range of clients, including Walmart and the Discovery Channel, as well as editorial and publishing work for his upcoming new book.

Niche Models and Talent recently co-ordinated a modeling shoot, with Branlund, which turned out to be a huge success.


Branlund utilizes the same approach when shooting fashion images, as he does when shooting portrait images. Simple, natural and raw. His approach is to simplify everything, to allow room for the natural beauty to shine.

“I capture what people don’t see,” he says.

In the recent modeling shoot with Niche, Branlund opted for a basic black and grey background, whilst advising makeup artists to apply minimal application.

Branlund was determined in this particular shoot to release the models true and natural beauty, refrain from hiding any blemishes, and pose the question “who are you?”

Just for fun, Branlund has captured some great images of Australian indie-rock group, The Temper Trap, whilst they toured the West Coast of America.

Willy Branlund has proved to Hawaii, that he has a niche for photography.

Willy Branlund’s website: http://willybranlund.com/

Written by: Paige McLaren