Hawaiian born artist Willy Branlund, is as honest and natural as his photographs are.

Branlund has been in the game for over twenty years, and has mastered the ability to capture the strength of the human spirit.

“People are much more beautiful when they are just themselves,” he says.

Branlund’s photography exemplifies vast diversity, yet he has a unique proclivity in capturing truth, honesty and authenticity throughout his images.

Branlund’s work mirrors the words of Leonardo daVinci, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” as he tackles photography from a simplistic angle, capturing sheer poise and finesse.

Branlund kick started his career by being Art Director for Moving Sun Studios in Las Vegas, before being offered the opportunity to assist renowned photographer Gareth Atkins. This allowed Branlund to be more creative with his artistic talent, hence, leading to the establishment of Willy Branlund Studios, LLC.

For over a decade, Branlund has been working with a diversified range of clients, including Walmart and the Discovery Channel, as well as editorial and publishing work for his upcoming new book.

Niche Models and Talent recently co-ordinated a modeling shoot, with Branlund, which turned out to be a huge success.


Branlund utilizes the same approach when shooting fashion images, as he does when shooting portrait images. Simple, natural and raw. His approach is to simplify everything, to allow room for the natural beauty to shine.

“I capture what people don’t see,” he says.

In the recent modeling shoot with Niche, Branlund opted for a basic black and grey background, whilst advising makeup artists to apply minimal application.

Branlund was determined in this particular shoot to release the models true and natural beauty, refrain from hiding any blemishes, and pose the question “who are you?”

Just for fun, Branlund has captured some great images of Australian indie-rock group, The Temper Trap, whilst they toured the West Coast of America.

Willy Branlund has proved to Hawaii, that he has a niche for photography.

Willy Branlund’s website: http://willybranlund.com/

Written by: Paige McLaren

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  Her previous life, modeling in LA, is gone




Her previous life, modeling in LA, is gone now. This turned nymph roams the forest to free her spirit. She wants to be at peace, Peace with the Earth and her Soul. 




She pouts when the journey to find herself is prolonged – she begins to travel nude to heighten her senses and becomes one with the coffee tinted soil that presses against her toes. The sun touches her chestnut hair while the wind plays with her ivory skin. 




There are no weeds when she walks. Just life. She even sees beauty in thorns. The deep red colors her skin. To fade the color, she watches water drop from the clouds; she dances beneath the jade sycamore branches where the perfect amount of moisture dances on her. 




Now enlightened, she can move back to the soul-less city. She looks back on her life and decides to stay. Stay where she feels the most alive. 

Written By: John Colburn

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Hawaii’s Kate Moss


This summer just got hotter as Hawaii’s newest and freshest face Ana Kai, graced us with her beauty. At just fifteen years old, Ana Kai is dominating the modeling industry with her flawless figure, breathtaking smile, and sun kissed blonde tresses.

Scan 1-X2

The heat is on for this young Kate Moss lookalike, as she was recently featured in a six page editorial spread, in Japan’s Hottest Surf and Fashion Magazine, ‘Honey’, she is also the face of the Young, Fabulous and Broke Clothing Summer 2013 Campaign, as well as rocking her pulchritudinous look in a Shoot for Gillia Clothing’s Spring and Summer Catalogue. Ana Kai’s angelic look and pacified disposition is what makes her so appealing and ambrosial for photographing.

Ana_Kai-la_models-5-X2 BB-L
slideshow_1 slideshow_7 slideshow_2

This ‘Beach Baby’ displays incredible maturity when modeling, and is renowned for her opulent green eyes and 5’11” stance.


Ana Kai has high hopes for the future after recently being picked up by VNY, in New York and LA models in Los Angeles, both eminent and distinguished modeling agencies. This is a staggering achievement by someone of such a young age.

Slide12 Scan 6-X2 Scan 3-X2

Things can only get hotter for this shining new model, who is on track to blaze her way to the top!



Written by: Paige McLaren

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Angelic Traveler

She was five foot nine

With caramel skin

And long earthy hair


Her legs, lanky

And her smile, always

the wrong side up


Days upon days,

She climbed rocks

And laid on the sand


Traveling from sea

to mountain, mountain

to sea


She lived only to go

Forward and to never

Ever, look into the past


Clothes hung loosely

Off her small frame

‘free with the wind’


and she was free

to fly and to fly and to fly

far away from home.


Photography: Tommy Shih


Words: Christina Whitver


Stylist: Tiare Thomas


Hair & Make-up: Kecia Littman


Model: Mahina Alexander


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Fly Away

575454_10152828819485577_299533329_nAll she wanted to do was fly far away from the overly crowded town off the coast. She wanted fame and fortune, to travel the world and drink the finest wines that could be offered. And yet, all she could do was swing on her dark chestnut swing in the midst of summer. At the highest heat wave of the afternoon, sun-bleached hair kissed her shoulders as she reached the dying grass below her. Her toes touched the blades as she encountered the Earth below her and as she then continued to push off with.


As the sun began to lower in the sky, a young gentleman parted the grass in a small open field, with his footsteps. A chiseled jaw with anatomy to match, slowly stepped and listened to the creatures of the night. He felt invincible – not only the alpha dog in the town, but a scholar as well. He could not imagine being anywhere else, but the beautiful lining of the coast.

People tend to cross paths when it is least expected. She was a free spirit who hated being so trapped and he was a conservative politician who thrived on speaking for the generation. Neither she, nor he, could imagine crossing paths with an individual so contrast of whom they daily interacted with.
805_10152828820035577_374105046_nShe stood out from the rest of the girls protesting – ‘fur is murder’, her sign read – she spoke clearly and loudly against all those she believed were against her. He, swayed in his stance, admiring the beauty before him. Eyes were locked, and lips began to curl upwards – this was a beginning for both she and him.
421186_10152828818725577_708558904_nThe young gentleman saw her on the swing, her hair flowing with the wind and her eyes connecting with his. He reminisces back to when he first saw her, shouting her stories, standing up for what was right – the day where his heart connected with hers. Even now, years later, the same feelings occur each time he steps on the lawn they now share, each evening after giving heart filled speeches. As the sky dims and they walk towards their porch with fingers interlocked, both he and she watched the sun becomes hazy and starts to fall with the night.



Photography by: Adam Guy


Written by: Chrissy Giovanna Whitver


Model: Whitney – Niche Models & Talent

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DownEast Basics

DownEast Basics

National brand, DownEast Basic is an exploding popular brand that has 43 locations around the US. Top Niche models, Nalani Ravelo and Bree Kleintop, and make up artist, Crystal Pancipanci, were flown out to Maui for this exciting and gorgeous photoshoot. Photographed by talented San Francisco/ New York based photographer Chad Riley (Apple, Capital One, and Coca-Cola). Click on the photo above to see the complete shoot!


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Mahina – Bing Commercial

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